Multiplayer Command

SGB Command 11h - MLT_REQ

Used to request multiplayer mode (that is, input from more than one joypad). Because this function provides feedback from the SGB/SNES to the Game Boy program, it can also be used to detect SGB hardware.

 Byte  Content
 0     Command*8+Length    (fixed length=1)
 1     Multiplayer Control (0-3) (Bit0=Enable, Bit1=Two/Four Players)
         0 = One player
         1 = Two players
         3 = Four players
 2-F   Not used (zero)

In one-player mode, the second joypad (if any) can only be used for the SGB BIOS. In two-player mode, both joypads are used for the game. Because SNES only has two joypad sockets, four-player mode requires an external “Multiplayer 5” adapter.

Changing the number of active players ANDs the currently selected player minus one with the number of players in that mode minus one. For example, if you go from four players to two players while player 4 was active, player 2 will then be active because 3 & 1 = 1. However, sending the MLT_REQ command will increment the counter several times so results may not be exactly as expected. The most frequent case is going from one player to two-or-four player which will always start with player 1 active.

Reading Multiple Controllers (Joypads)

When having enabled multiple controllers by MLT_REQ, data for each joypad can be read out through the P1 register as follows: First set P14 and P15 both HIGH (deselect both Buttons and Cursor keys), you can now read the lower 4 bits of P1, which indicate the joypad ID for the following joypad input:

BytePlayer #

Next, read joypad state normally. When completed, set both P14 and P15 back HIGH, this automatically increments the joypad number (or restarts counting once the last joypad is reached). Repeat the procedure until you have read out all two (or four) joypads.

If for whatever reason you want to increment the joypad number without reading the joypad state you only need to set P15 to LOW before setting it back to HIGH. Adjusting P14 does not affect whether or not the joypad number will advance, However, if you set P15 to LOW then HIGH then LOW again without bringing both P14 and P15 HIGH at any point, it cancels the increment until P15 is lowered again. There are games, such as Pokémon Yellow, which rely on this cancelling when detecting the SGB.