Hardware Registers

AddressNameDescriptionReadable / WritableModels
$FF01SBSerial transfer dataR/WAll
$FF02SCSerial transfer controlR/WMixed
$FF04DIVDivider registerR/WAll
$FF05TIMATimer counterR/WAll
$FF06TMATimer moduloR/WAll
$FF07TACTimer controlR/WAll
$FF0FIFInterrupt flagR/WAll
$FF10NR10Sound channel 1 sweepR/WAll
$FF11NR11Sound channel 1 length timer & duty cycleMixedAll
$FF12NR12Sound channel 1 volume & envelopeR/WAll
$FF13NR13Sound channel 1 wavelength lowWAll
$FF14NR14Sound channel 1 wavelength high & controlMixedAll
$FF16NR21Sound channel 2 length timer & duty cycleMixedAll
$FF17NR22Sound channel 2 volume & envelopeR/WAll
$FF18NR23Sound channel 2 wavelength lowWAll
$FF19NR24Sound channel 2 wavelength high & controlMixedAll
$FF1ANR30Sound channel 3 DAC enableR/WAll
$FF1BNR31Sound channel 3 length timerWAll
$FF1CNR32Sound channel 3 output levelR/WAll
$FF1DNR33Sound channel 3 wavelength lowWAll
$FF1ENR34Sound channel 3 wavelength high & controlMixedAll
$FF20NR41Sound channel 4 length timerWAll
$FF21NR42Sound channel 4 volume & envelopeR/WAll
$FF22NR43Sound channel 4 frequency & randomnessR/WAll
$FF23NR44Sound channel 4 controlMixedAll
$FF24NR50Master volume & VIN panningR/WAll
$FF25NR51Sound panningR/WAll
$FF26NR52Sound on/offMixedAll
$FF30-FF3FWave RAMStorage for one of the sound channels’ waveformR/WAll
$FF40LCDCLCD controlR/WAll
$FF41STATLCD statusMixedAll
$FF42SCYViewport Y positionR/WAll
$FF43SCXViewport X positionR/WAll
$FF44LYLCD Y coordinateRAll
$FF45LYCLY compareR/WAll
$FF46DMAOAM DMA source address & startR/WAll
$FF47BGPBG palette dataR/WDMG
$FF48OBP0OBJ palette 0 dataR/WDMG
$FF49OBP1OBJ palette 1 dataR/WDMG
$FF4AWYWindow Y positionR/WAll
$FF4BWXWindow X position plus 7R/WAll
$FF4DKEY1Prepare speed switchMixedCGB
$FF51HDMA1VRAM DMA source highWCGB
$FF53HDMA3VRAM DMA destination highWCGB
$FF54HDMA4VRAM DMA destination lowWCGB
$FF55HDMA5VRAM DMA length/mode/startR/WCGB
$FF56RPInfrared communications portMixedCGB
$FF68BCPS/BGPIBackground color palette specification / Background palette indexR/WCGB
$FF69BCPD/BGPDBackground color palette data / Background palette dataR/WCGB
$FF6AOCPS/OBPIOBJ color palette specification / OBJ palette indexR/WCGB
$FF6BOCPD/OBPDOBJ color palette data / OBJ palette dataR/WCGB
$FF6COPRIObject priority modeR/WCGB
$FF76PCM12Audio digital outputs 1 & 2RCGB
$FF77PCM34Audio digital outputs 3 & 4RCGB
$FFFFIEInterrupt enableR/WAll