Steering Committee - March 2024

Minutes curated by Sanqui and avivace

Participants: avivace, Sanqui, Calindro, superdisk, ISSOtm, nitro, Pino, asie, tobias, DUO, Sylvie, kva

Where: Discord gbdev, #sc-meeting voice channel

When: March 10th 2024, 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM CET (UTC +1)

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Discussion points are ordered by priority.



  • Creation of a new Outreach issue tracker / board to coordinate social media posting etc.
  • Asking for help (and funding) gb-asm-tutorial
  • matomo statistics shows growing interest in gb-asm-tutorial
  • Unblocking gb-asm-tutorial



  • Future of the forums
    • Problems
      • Not mobile friendly
      • People don’t want to make another account -> offer login using Discord or GitHub
    • When/if migrating to a new system, what do with old posts?
      • Migrate to new? (lose URLs)
      • Set old in read-only
    • Threads on Discord <-> Forum ?
    • Options
      • Leave it the way it is
      • Could switch forum systems
      • Discourse is very popular, but JS heavy
      • Migrate to nesdev as they would be willing to help
      • Migrate to in new window, which uses Flaskbb
        • Recycling logins may make the forum more attractive (e.g. nesdev or gbadev may have users overlap)


  • RGBDS (and other projects?): onboarding friction ( in new window for inspiration)
    • Projects are complex and “unapproachable”
    • Adding examples to
    • Which projects don’t have
    • Write down what is expected of a maintainer!
    • Finding some time to write down the “vision” Isso has for the Rust port (what needs to be done, how, etc.)
  • Prioritization, among and within…
    • gb-asm-tutorial (1)
    • Pan Docs (2)
    • rsgbds (RGBDS on “life support” with Sylvie maintaining) (last)
  • Next meeting:
    • Moving projects to SourceHut?


  • FOSDEM feedback
    • Fosdem25. Who wants to join and come in the “gbdev” delegation?
    • Isso wants to give a talk
      • RGBDS
        • “Breaking changes and how to live with them”
        • Working from a codebase from the 90’s
      • Tutorial?


  • Promoting usage of public domain/creative commons/”use as long as you give credit” assets among community members (open related issue on github)
  • How do deal with “drama” against users/companies/etc we want to shout out: consult with outreach team + use best judgment