Steering Committee - November 2023

Written by avivace.

November 4th, 2023. 15:00 — 17:30 UTC. Discord VC.


Moderators, Staff, Experts, Outreach, RGBDS maintainers.


PinoBatch, avivace, ISSO, Calindro, Duo, nitro2k01, QuangDX, superdisk, kva64, Sylvie, Sanqui

About those meetings

Participants were asked to fill in discussion points beforehand. The results of these discussions (decisions, suggestions, comments, etc.) are reported as subitems.

Discussion points marked * were not brought up due to lack of time.

Anyone can reach out in #meta on the Discord server to comment/discuss on any of the points reported here.

  • avivace:

    • Q to ISSO: RGBDS Rust port plans?
      • Scope: Full port from the old codebase, can’t be 1-to-1
      • Architecture design in progress
      • Motivation: C not attractive anymore for potential contributors. Showing its age. Technicalities (std::vector). Rust is fancier, more active community.
      • (Personal) De-risking/Viability study
      • Question from Pino: will this affect availability of binaries?
    • Homebrew Hub: developments and expanding to NES *
    • Gbcompo23: [...] *
    • Funding: how to? *
    • Creating the steering committee: Roles? *
    • Q to Sanqui: how to run these meetings? Minutes *
  • ISSOtm:

    • Difficulties finding contributors
      • Pan Docs, RGBDS, ASM Tutorial are lacking
      • AV: Homebrew Hub is OK
      • Quality barrier too high? Is our PR review process too much?
        • Possible (partial) solution = avoid nitpicking
        • Interesting actionable by DUO: give reviews in “steps”, avoid attacking a PR with everything all at once.
        • If making follow-up changes separately, be upfront about that in the initial PR to avoid the contributor feeling “the rug pulled under their feet”
        • Put a hard cap on the PR’s “TTL” before being merged (e.g. 3 weeks), and avoid minor changes as the deadline looms closer
      • How to handle contributors going silent?
      • “Better merge something incomplete to beg correction work, rather than drop everything done thus far”
      • Promoting a “Bug Day”?
    • Moving projects to SourceHut? *
  • Sanqui:

    • Overview of Wikidata and the possibility of contributing Homebrew Hub information to Wikidata
      • Add Ext ID in the game metadata schema and point it to Wikidata entry. Possibly populate others.
      • HHub - cartridges/published games/publishers
  • DUO:

    • Remarks and compliments on the great state of gbdev.
    • Promote PRs that need to be worked on, but also promote work that has been done “for cred” - Start using #feedback again.
  • nitro2k01:

    • Potentially add a long-term solution for the IRC bridge as a point/responsibility.
      • Someone other than @avivace needs to volunteer (=> @nitro2k01) and get SSH access and/or a webhook token to delegate the responsibility of handling the bridge
    • Future of the forums *
  • Kva64:

    • Social media handling — general outline and feedback request
      • Not only game releases/showcase content can be shared, but projects themselves may have cool milestones to share
      • Allow developers, maintainers, etc. to raise up things that can be promoted, so people helping with social media don’t have to “chase” those. Should those go in #showcase? Should #showcase be split?
      • Encourage (PSA?) developers to post in #showcase Move all showcase channels to a separate category, and rename “showcase” to “wip-showcase”? Split #releases into e.g. #releases-games and #releases-tooling
      • To discuss in #meta: opt-in/opt-out status of showcase channels. A suggestion: make sharing opt-out in #releases-*, and opt-in in #wip-showcase
    • Policy on sharing and promoting commercial projects?
      • DUO: do not shy away from promoting them because it’s a motivation to some; however, restrictions should be put to avoid being taken advantage of
      • Should the cooldown (if any) apply per project, per user...?
    • Need for using any newly-emerging social media platforms (e.g. Threads and Bluesky)?
      • Threads and Bluesky currently have very little reach, so maybe not
      • Other platforms (e.g. Instagram): maybe, but this may require more people to handle them
      • Creating a channel to coordinate them
  • Sylvie:

    • Q to ISSO: Continue improving existing C++ while Rust progresses?
      • C to C++ in parallel
      • Talk separately (and later) about whether we want to upstream the port, and if yes, the roadmap (responsibility & task distribution, etc.)