Game Boy Development community

We are a group of passionate developers working on homebrews, emulators and documentation for the Nintendo Game Boy handheld console, the original gray brick from 1989!

Here's a quick showcase of what we are up to:

Pan Docs Star

The single, most comprehensive technical reference to Game Boy available to the public.

Awesome list  Star

A curated list of Game Boy development resources such as tools, guides, technical documentation, tutorials, emulators, related projects and open-source ROMs. Everything you'll ever need to know and see about this console is here.
If you want to code an emulator, create your own game or simply dive into the software and hardware architecture of the Game Boy, this is the place!


Rednex Game Boy Development System: the de-facto development toolkit for the Game Boy and Game Boy Color.

GBDK  Star

Maintained and modernized GBDK, the Game Boy Development Kit. Now powered by an updated version of the SDCC toolchain, provides a C compiler, assembler, linker and a set of libraries.

Chat Channels 

The places our community thrives. Here we chat, discuss, help each other and show what we are working on. We have a Discord server, an IRC channel, and more.

Homebrew Hub 

Play Game Boy games online from an archive of hundreds of entries!
A community-led attempt to collect, archive and save every unofficial game, homebrew, demo, patch, hackrom for Game Boy produced by the community through the last 3 decades of passionate work.

The Game Boy Archive 

A library of Game Boy related software, hardware and literature. Aimed to mirror and preserve old and fragmented contributions in the scene from the last three decades.
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