Introducing Galactic Armada

This guide will help you create a classic shoot-em-up in RGBDS. This guide builds on knowledge from the previous tutorials, so some basic (or previously explained) concepts will not be explained.

Feature set

Here’s a list of features that will be included in the final product.

  • Vertical Scrolling Background
  • Basic HUD (via Window) & Score
  • 4-Directional Player Movement
  • Enemies
  • Bullets
  • Enemy/Bullet Collision
  • Enemy/Player Collision
  • Smooth Movement via Scaled Integers - Instead of using counters, smoother motion can be achieved using 16-bit (scaled) integers.
  • Multiple Game States: Title Screen, Gameplay, Story State
  • STAT Interrupts - used to properly draw the HUD at the top of gameplay.
  • Writing Text