👋 Welcome to gb-asm-tutorial! This tutorial will teach you how to make games for the Game Boy and Game Boy Color.


While the Game Boy and Game Boy Color are almost the same console, the Game Boy Advance is entirely different. However, the GBA is able to run GB and GBC games! If you are looking to program GBC games and run them on a GBA, you’re at the right place; however, if you want to make games specifically for the GBA, please check out the Tonc tutorial instead.


There are some handy icons near the top of your screen!

  • The “burger” toggles the navigation side panel;
  • The brush allows selecting a different color theme;
  • The magnifying glass pops up a search bar;
  • The world icon lets you change the language of the tutorial;
  • The printer gives a single-page version of the entire tutorial, which you can print if you want;
  • The GitHub icon links to the tutorial’s source repository;
  • The edit button allows you to suggest changes to the tutorial, provided that you have a GitHub account.

Additionally, there are arrows to the left and to the right of the page (they are at the bottom instead on mobile) to more easily navigate to the next page.

With that said, you can get started by simply navigating to the following page :)


The tutorial was written by Eldred “ISSOtm” Habert, Evie, Antonio Vivace, LaroldsJubilantJunkyard and other contributors.


You can provide feedback or send suggestions in the form of Issues on the GitHub repository.

We’re also looking for help for writing new lessons and improving the existing ones! You can go through the Issues to see what needs to be worked on and send Pull Requests!

You can also help translating the tutorial on Crowdin.


In short:

  • Code within the tutorial is essentially public domain, meaning that you are allowed to copy it freely without restrictions.
  • You are free to copy the tutorial’s contents (prose, diagrams, etc.), modify them, and share that, but you must give credit and license any copies permissively.
  • This site’s source code can be freely copied, but you must give a license and copyright notice.

Full details, please follow these links for more information on the respective licenses:

  • All the code contained within the tutorial itself is licensed under CC0. To the extent possible under law, all copyright and related or neighboring rights to code presented within GB ASM Tutorial have been waived.
  • The contents (prose, images, etc.) of this tutorial are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  • Code used to display and format the site is licensed under the MIT License unless otherwise specified.