The tutorial is split into three sections. I strongly advise you go through the tutorial in order!

In Part Ⅰ, we run our first “Hello World!” program, which we then dissect to learn what makes the Game Boy tick.

In Part Ⅱ, we program our first game, a clone of Arkanoid; we learn how to prod the hardware into having something we can call a “game”. Along the way, we will make plenty of mistakes, so we can learn how to debug our code.

And finally, Part Ⅲ is about “advanced” use of the hardware, where we learn how to make even better-looking games, and we program a Shoot ’Em Up!

We hope this tutorial will work for you.

But if it doesn’t (the format may not work well for everyone, and that’s okay), I encourage you to look at some other resources, which might work better for you.

It’s also fine to take a break from time to time; feel free to read at your own pace, and to ask for clarifications if anything isn’t clear to you.

This tutorial is a work in progress.