Donations and bounties

You can donate on our Open Collectiveopen in new window or on GitHub sponsorsopen in new window. You can send a one-time donation of any amount or join the collective as backer, donating monthly.


The gbdevopen in new window organisation is an informal collective of individuals. As such, we are not able to hold any fund in our accounts. Instead, the US based non-profit Open Source Collectiveopen in new window is our fiscal hostopen in new window, providing us the financial and legal infrastructure to receive donations and spend money.

It's also possible to donate specifically towards a projectopen in new window under our umbrella. We'll do our best to honour this preference.

Donations are subject to a 10% fee from our Open Collective host (Open Source Collective) plus a variable fee from the payment processor (Wise).

Money collected on GitHub sponsors are paid out by GitHub to our Open Collective at the end of each month.

What do we spend the money on?

We mostly use the money to:

  • Organize events (such as the gbcompo21) and give prizes,
  • Fund maintainers and contributors to our repositories,
  • Put bounties on issues on our repositories,
  • Donate back to some of the packages we use,
  • Pay servers and domains.

Expenses are tracked hereopen in new window.


If you have a company and you are interested in being highlighted on some of our webpages and channels, we have sponsorship tiers starting at 50$/month. Get in touch at [email protected] to understand if this could be for you. We are interested in hearing how our software is helping your business etc.

Sponsorships are evaluated on a case-to-case basis and only be accepted if we feel like our core values are compatible and the relationship can last in the long term with beneficial effect for both parties.


Sometimes, we may assign a bounty to an Issue. Labels such as bounty-25$, bounty-50$, bounty-100$ are used to specify the amount. If you wish to work on a issue with a bounty attached, it's a good measure to comment on the issue asking for it to be assigned to you*.

If you send a Pull Request fixing that issue and this work gets merged, you will be able to claim this issue.

Bounties are paid from our OpenCollective: submit an expense mentioning the Issue you worked on and make sure to use your GitHub email (or the one you authored the git commit with) when creating an account on OpenCollective. Wire transfers and PayPal are supported**.

Details are generally verified in 24-48 hours. Payments are then processed by our Open Collective host a couple of times per week.


Make sure to check the tax regulations of your country and properly declare the bounties received. We're not tax consultants and we cannot help with that.

* In case of inactivity we may remove the assignment to you or let someone else who submitted a PR claim the bounty.

** Our Open Collective host uses Wise as the payment processor so the countries supported for the bank transfers depends on them.